"The positive memories of the students' experiences here help sustain them somehow after they leave...” 

-Janet Bordenave, The Chiles Academy Co-Founder


Only 50% of teen parents graduate with a high school diploma nationwide.

On average, 77% of all TCA graduates receive a standard high school diploma or equivalent.


The Bonner Chiles Foundation is sponsoring the creation of an Alumnae Association for all of the graduates of The Chiles Academy and its earlier precedent program, Teen Parent East. Alumnae often keep in touch with the charter school and its faculty in an informal way, so the Alumnae Association will simply formalize the ongoing positive contact. Fundraising is underway for initiatives that include financial support and scholarships of TCA graduates seeking higher education, employment assistance and counseling, and life-coaching sessions to help alumnae set and reach life goals. 


"Our students find a human connection here that’s real, and that connection is never broken."

-Anne Ferguson, The Chiles Academy Co-Founder


Are you a graduate of The Chiles Academy or Teen Parent East? This is just for you.  

What’s an alum?
You are! Whenever you work hard enough to graduate from a school, you are officially considered an alum of that institution. This is a distinction that can never be taken away from you— as an alum, you have a connection for life. You have special access to the school, have a say in how the school is run for current students, and can say with pride that you represent all that the school does even long after you have graduated. 

What’s an Alumnae Association?
An alumnae association is a network for you, built and managed by you, in order to stay connected to others just like you! 

Why become a member?
Just by being a graduate, you are already a member of the alumnae association! There are lots of benefits to being a member. First, Its an easy way to stay in touch with The Chiles Academy, to get updates on whats happening here and to give us updates on what you are doing. You are part of our family and we want you to stay in touch!

What can the Alumnae Association do for me?
A network is a group of people who can work together to help each other. For instance, if you are looking for a job, and you get in touch with the alumnae association, we can work with you to ask other alums or Chiles Academy faculty, staff, and friends if they know of any place that’s hiring that might be a good fit for you. Its like having the support you had while you were a student, except you get to help each other too. There are lots of ways a network can help with resources, like when you are:

  • looking for a new place to live and need references
  • applying to college or any other school
  • need child care or child care recommendations in the area
  • looking for medical or social services in the area
  • interested in employment opportunities at The Chiles Academy
  • seeking emotional support or life-coaching assistance 

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