30 by 30 Campaign

The foundation is raising money to provide support for new and additional technology to better serve Chiles Academy students and teachers in the classroom. We are hoping to buy 30 new computers for The Chiles Academy by December 30 of this year! 

You can help us achieve this goal by giving today! Whether you feel called to support our campus, our classrooms, or our students directly -- 30 new computers will aid the program on a fundamental level.

After you make your donation, don't forget to join us for our culminating campaign event on Saturday, December 16 from 12 PM - 4 PM on the Bonner campus. We will have a holiday luncheon, games and festivities in our courtyard, raffle prizes and a final donation drive to reach our goal of 30 computers by December 30, 2017!  

We hope to see all of our friends and family there to support the Bonner community.


Support our Campus 

New technology will improve campus resources and update existing academic programs


Support our Classrooms

Faculty can be flexible and adaptive to student needs with improved access to computers and online learning tools


Support our Students

30 new computers provide cutting edge online curriculum allowing for students to learn at their own pace while giving them hands-on experience with new technology