Student access to educational opportunities is a top priority for the foundation. We seek to eliminate financial obstacles to education for students of The Chiles Academy and any other underserved student who proves they are exceptionally determined to succeed. We award as many scholarships as possible at the end of each academic year, priority is given to those students who show promise and perseverance. 

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Academic and Technology Support for The Chiles Academy 

As a small charter school, The Chiles Academy's budget is almost entirely dependent on the number of full time enrolled students. However, unlike most public schools, TCA provides a wide variety of early intervention services for both middle and high school students and their children. The foundation's fundraising goal is to provide budget relief to the school as the number of enrolled students inevitably fluctuates to ensure that critical services continue. 

In addition, the foundation will provide support for new and additional technology to better serve both the students in the classroom and the support staff who manage and coordinate services. 

The foundation seeks to provide additional funds to directly benefit students in their academic and professional pursuits. This includes providing workforce development/professional development funds for certification courses, costs and tests.

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Family Literacy & Bonner Chiles Library

The foundation has committed to create a welcoming space for all community members to experience the joys and rewards of family literacy. Earlier this year, the foundation established the Bonner Chiles Library, a 5,500 square foot stand-alone building with over 7,000 volumes, which has served public school students since 1926. The library stands now as an emerging space open to community members who can benefit the most from a culture of literacy—teen mothers and their children, homeless families, low income neighbors, and elder residents. Fundraising and volunteer efforts sees to expanding outreach to community camps, to continue partnership with local library faculty & staff and increasing entrepreneurship opportunities for TCA students, young mothers, and local community youth. 

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Public Health


While the 11 acre Bonner campus undergoes physical changes and improvements, the community garden has closed and public health efforts will focus on reinforcing the importance of nutrition and healthy eating to help build healthy communities. The foundation seeks additional resources to assist The Chiles Academy in their                                                          programming around fresh, healthy food sources for all the students                                                  they serve, including every child on campus from 0-3 years old. 

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